Xiaomi POCO X3

Xiaomi’s poco series have always been the best competitive in the mid-range category made by Xiaomi. The poco series has been designed by Xiaomi to provide a competitive usage in the mid-range price. The poco series lack ruggedness but they are the best in the camera and performance department by providing the best of the best chipset and CPU in their mid-range devices. Durability: Xiaomi Poco X3 phone is pretty

lg swing 5g

If you are an android person then you might have heard of LG. The brand LG not only manufactures smartphone. They manufactures a lot of electronic devices such as AC, washing machines, LCDs and many other devices. In smartphone era, this brand has been popular for its smartphones like LG G series. LG is fond of giving hardcore user experience to all its users and this time also LG has

realme 7i

If you are a Realme fan then you might have heard about the latest lineup of Realme 7 series. The Realme 7i is also a new member of this family. This phone is categorized as the mid-range younger sister of Realme 7 pro. As of today, in the world full of competition every manufacturer is trying to make something of its own kind to compete and stand in the market

Samsung Galaxy M30s

Samsung galaxy M30s can also be called as the younger sister of Galaxy M51 with almost the same design, built quality and being the best of the best in its price. Samsung has announced this phone on 18th September, 2020 and will launch this device in late October, 2020. Design: The back design is same as that of Samsung’s Galaxy S20 with an added fingerprint on the back. The front


The latest and according to some smartphone lovers the best midrange smartphone by Samsung is the all new Samsung M51. This smartphone holds something which no other smartphone holds in the budget and even some flagships phones also lack these things. Battery: The battery size of this phone is even big than your thoughts. This phone rocks with an amazing battery size of 7000mah that means if you are a

Hacking Your Brain Memory Sleep

Imagine you are cramming for next day exam ,learning some dance steps or trying to perfect a new sports. Sleep can be very beneficial for you. In other words, you can become a memory expert by using sleep as your secret weapon. It may sounds funny or creepy but science has proven that it actually works. Lets us show you how you can control your memory in a smart way.

Tik tok video ideas

Tiktok is the most fastly growing social media app on playstore. If you haven’t heard about it,Bro! you are far away from the world of internet. In case you are a tiktoker, posting videos regularly but still doesn’t getting less engagements then your exceptions. Then this article is absolutely made for you. In the article bellow we going to talk about most common and most attractive topic ideas which are

tik tok image earning tiktokers

Have you heard about tiktok or tiktokers? TikTok is one of the most popular and fastly growing video sharing app on playstore. If you are a teen age its rare that you haven’t heard about it. In 2018, it was ranked no.1 application in Apple App Store and got 660 million downloads that year. Zhang Yiming who was a software engineer is the creator of TikTok app now has net

Google earthquake alert

Google wants to use mobile devices for earthquake detection and send data to server. Modern mobile devices contains accelerometer, which detects the normal movement of mobile device. The whole system will work in matter of seconds. Latest mobile devices have capability to detect very little amount of movement. In case of earthquake user will be identified by an alert. Location and condition of area like temperature, weather etc will be