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Amazon, whether you love it or despise it, is the retail behemoth on which everyone relies for everything from shoes and apparel to cookware and accessories. Amazon, with its lightning-fast shipping and inexpensive costs, may help you avoid financial stress and acquire what you need for less.

But did you know there are more methods to save money on Amazon that the merchant isn’t telling you about? Here’s what we discovered and what you should be aware of.

Disregard list prices

It’s always nice to receive a good deal, but understanding whether you’re getting a good deal may be difficult when it comes to list prices. List prices are not only arbitrary, but they are also seldom employed by other shops, making their usage potentially deceptive.

To that reason, you should disregard the list price and compare real retail costs to discover if you’re getting a fair bargain.

Going Incognito

It’s no secret that merchants like Amazon value consumer data since it allows them to better target their adverts to you and entice you to spend more money. However, a clever Amazon technique is to shop anonymously on Google Chrome.

This implies that your browser will not have any information about your income or money, so you may find reduced pricing on products you like. By blocking Amazon from following you, you may buy an item entirely for less money.

There is always a promo code available by Amazon

When it comes to money management, this is a pretty old-school technique, but it’s still a crucial weapon in your armoury. Before making an Amazon purchase, look for coupons online or use a browser plugin like Honey.

You may even be able to utilise numerous discounts on a single transaction, and Amazon customer care may recognise expired coupons. A little more effort might result in significant savings.

Reviews on Amazon are not as genuine as you believe

We all rely on Amazon reviews to purchase what we believe are high-quality things at the lowest possible price. However, Amazon does not disclose how many evaluations are posted by people who have been rewarded in some manner, generally in the form of free or discounted items.

That is not to argue that these evaluations are false, but they should be regarded with caution.

Customer service can help you save money

You’ve probably only called Amazon customer support when something goes wrong, such as when your box was stolen from your doorstep or an item came defective. However, there are more methods to use this service that Amazon does not promote.

Customer service representatives, for example, can reimburse the difference if a price drops after you acquire an item or notify you if something is set to go on sale (if you ask).

Save, subscribe, and unsubscribe

Have you ever spotted a fantastic deal on Amazon only to discover that it is only available at that price if you sign up for a subscription? What Amazon doesn’t tell you is that you may join up for the subscription, buy the item at a discount, and then cancel the subscription once the thing arrives.

This method works well for things that you will only need once and may help you save money on that one-time buy.

Alexa is not your shopping companion

Amazon built Echo to make your Amazon experience seem less like shopping and more like hanging out with a buddy. This gadget, known as Alexa and triggered by saying her name, allows you to play music, prepare a grocery list, and even alter the lighting in your house.

But be cautious. You may also be tempted to spend more money because it is more convenient to ask Alexa to make a purchase rather than using your phone or laptop. However, unlike a good friend, Alexa will not try to talk you out of it.

Amazon Prime Video has the potential to increase your spending

Prime Instant Video, a treasure mine of free video entertainment, is one of the Amazon Prime benefits. This is a great feature to have when binge-watching shows like “Carnival Row” or “The Underground Railroad.”

However, if you have the membership, you may be more likely to pay for non-free movies and shows. In fact, Amazon does not publicise the fact that 30% of the video content on the platform is paid.

Keep the goods in your Amazon cart

We’ve all been there: you go on Amazon to purchase groceries and get side-tracked by something you don’t actually need. You end up adding it to your cart but don’t want to buy it because you just can’t justify it.

What Amazon doesn’t tell you is that if you leave the item in your cart, the price may fall. Another ploy to get you to buy something you don’t need.

Amazon Prime may cause you to overspend

Having an Amazon Prime subscription is advantageous since it allows you to get free delivery on almost anything you buy. What you may not understand is that your membership may cause you to spend more money in the long term.

According to research, Prime members spend $1,000 each year, compared to their non-Prime counterparts, who spend between $100 and $500.

Pro tip: If you can’t live without your Prime membership, use one of the best Amazon shopping credit cards to earn cash back.

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