August 2020

Tik tok video ideas

Tiktok is the most fastly growing social media app on playstore. If you haven’t heard about it,Bro! you are far away from the world of internet. In case you are a tiktoker, posting videos regularly but still doesn’t getting less engagements then your exceptions. Then this article is absolutely made for you. In the article bellow we going to talk about most common and most attractive topic ideas which are

tik tok image earning tiktokers

Have you heard about tiktok or tiktokers? TikTok is one of the most popular and fastly growing video sharing app on playstore. If you are a teen age its rare that you haven’t heard about it. In 2018, it was ranked no.1 application in Apple App Store and got 660 million downloads that year. Zhang Yiming who was a software engineer is the creator of TikTok app now has net

Google earthquake alert

Google wants to use mobile devices for earthquake detection and send data to server. Modern mobile devices contains accelerometer, which detects the normal movement of mobile device. The whole system will work in matter of seconds. Latest mobile devices have capability to detect very little amount of movement. In case of earthquake user will be identified by an alert. Location and condition of area like temperature, weather etc will be