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amazon account suspension reason

Amazon is presently the world’s largest online market, with millions of merchants and a wide variety of customers. Running an Amazon company demands following to their guidelines. If you are not going to follow these guidelines, your account will be suspended. You agree to some Selling Services Terms when you begin selling on Amazon. These terms must be followed. These terms may be seen on Amazon’s Seller Central page.

Amazon may potentially suspend your account for significant reasons. If a consumer has a negative experience purchasing from you and you ship to them via Amazon, you are making Amazon seem bad. The customer does not consider you as an individual vendor; rather, they consider the platform as a whole. That reflects negatively on Amazon’s image, which they do not want.

What is Amazon Suspension?

Account suspension indicates that you will no longer be able to sell. This happens when a seller violates Amazon’s policies, terms, or conditions.

During this period, no customers will be able to see your Amazon product listings. Your Amazon account effectively fades away, but don’t worry, you may appeal to have the suspension removed and your account reinstated. Amazon always notifies sellers when their accounts are suspended. You can customize your appeal based on the kind of account suspension.

Here are the most common reasons that can suspend your account:

Selling Restricted Items

Your account does not authorize the selling of all products. Selling any of these forbidden products will remove you as a seller.

  • Beverages containing alcohol
  • Items that are defective
  • Items that have expired
  • Gift cards
  • Drooping batteries
  • Mislabeled goods
  • Tires

Amazon restricts the sale of these products because many of them are hazardous. Restricted items are ones that are not fully prohibited, but require clearance before they may be sold.

Creating More than One Account

Amazon stringently executes a “one merchant account for every individual” strategy. They can follow and think about account subtleties through bank data, charge subtleties, and addresses. Amazon could actually decide PC URLs, so merchants ought to be careful of making different venders sign in through their PCs. Be that as it may, there can be examples where a dealer would require a different merchant account. In these cases, Amazon would permit numerous merchant accounts under one individual, considering that that individual has followed the cycle and has submitted sufficient defense for the requirement for another record.

Selling Counterfeit Items

Fake things are unlawful, and Amazon doesn’t connect with selling unlawful merchandise in any capacity. Amazon keeps you from selling illegal products. They will not be at risk for any claims that surface when one of their venders is found with unlawful items on their site. Doing so can bring about lawful outcomes other than your record getting prohibited, for example, cash being kept and obliteration of the unlawful merchandise inside Amazon’s distribution center.

It is the merchant’s liability to guarantee that merchandise is obtained lawfully. Fake things incorporate contrabands, pilfered merchandise, and items that encroach upon the licensed innovation of another organization. Keep stock records to show the legitimacy of your products. On the off chance that your books have been messed with to conceal the offer of fakes, your record will be ended.

Copyright Encroachment

Connected with selling fake things, Amazon doesn’t permit you to sell items that you don’t have the copyright to imitate. Assuming you make things that have protected innovation that has a place with another person, you can’t sell them on Amazon. Affiliates will sell name brand items as utilized. Notwithstanding, selling another person’s image as new is unlawful and is a copyright encroachment.

Numerous venders likewise come to Amazon to sell their protected items. Permitting different venders to encroach upon that would give a not exactly heavenly selling experience on their foundation. Amazon needs to remunerate clever item makers and to do that they need to maintain intellectual property regulations.

You likewise can’t utilize the photographs or duplicate another person has utilized in their item depiction, as those are protected too.

Poor Performance of Seller

Amazon centers around giving the best support of its clients. To this end the online business webpage makes an honest effort to urge outsider merchants to stick to a particular norm. Underperformers will get sanctions like suspension. Luckily, astounding merchant execution isn’t that difficult to keep up with. You simply need to ensure that you strictly keep Amazon’s rules, answer inquiries speedily, transport orders on time, and keep a decent standing through surveys and evaluations.


There are numerous purposes behind your Amazon vender record to get suspended, the greater part of which have been expressed previously. Some of them, sadly, can be a result of reasons beyond your control.

Despite the fact that merchant account suspension would be able, as it were, be regular in the Amazon commercial center, it shouldn’t really be your own typical. Amazon specialists are prepared to guarantee that your record is shielded from suspension and are ready to get you restored should the unavoidable happen.

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