Mon. Mar 20th, 2023
Crypto Mining on Phone

If you are familiar with crypto mining then you must also be familiar with crypto mining. Crypto Mining is a concept of making or producing your own crypto which is like printing cash on your own. What more surprising is that you can mine crypto using your android smart-phone. Here question arises that is crypto mining on your phone is worthy?

Crypto Mining on Mobile

Many people wonder that crypto mining is a huge investment if done the right way but what if I tell you that you can also do crypto mining on your android phone. Crypto Mining on phone is not as close to the mining done on hardware or software with enormous power systems. Mining Crypto on phone will not be giving you huge profits but it will help you to generate a hand-full amount in the long run. This is not because smart-phone are not capable of such power or they are not worthy. The reason is that the miners use way more powerful tools and systems that make almost every smart-phone useless. Using more PCs gets you to generate more incentive.

Although, on a more limited size in comparison. You can join the mining pool with your android phone or portable mining ranch. Nonetheless, you will be participating in sharing some amount of capacity to your network. Thus, when the prizes are shared inside the network, your rate will be tiny about your consumed power.

Why go on Android?

Crypto Mining on android is not as easy as it seems. The expand network and popularity of Bitcoin still continue to rise.

Each Bitcoin possess a 64-bit address which is generated cryptographically with a public & private key which is generated by miners.

How Crypto Mining on Android works?

A smartphone has less power as compared to the computer hence, it would be less profitable or no profit in the start to do crypto mining on android or any other smartphone. Also, legitimate mining apps for crypto are almost none on playstore or App Store however there is one app that helps you to mine crypto. The application which I recommend is Ember Crypto Mining.

What is Ember Crypto Mining?

Ember Crypto Mining is done by the help of an application which is known as “Ember Fund”. This app is much more than just a mining app. This is “Crypto Portfolio Management” app that has an additional feature of Bitcoin mining. You can take benefit from this feature as it is very simple and easy to use.

All you have to do is just to make your account and log in to the app. There is a button as “Start Earning Bitcoin”, you just have to press that button and the app will start mining bitcoin for you. After 24 hours you will have to again open the app and press the same again.

As you can see the mining process is too easy, all you have to do is press a button.

To know everything about Ember Crypto Mining, read our following article:

There might many others applications like Ember Crypto Mining as well but in general you still won’t be able to find any legitimate platform to do crypto mining on phone as these kind of applications were banned on both playstore and appstore back in 2018. Due to this reason Bitcoin mining over smartphone can be difficult.

Other Coins to Mine Than Bitcoin on Smartphone

Rather than Bitcoin, there are many other options in crypto mining on phone like Pi coin & Antcoin. Also, you can do cloud mining. In cloud mining you pay a company to mine for you using their own rigs. There are plenty of services of cloud mining you can find.


This currency is labeled as “The First Currency you can Mine on your Phone’. It is a project of Pi Network and its mission is to provide a Cryptocurrency platform for everyday people.

To use this network, you must first download Pi Network App and do some tasks. The simplest task is that you are not a robot by pressing the validation tab once a day or after every 24 hours.


The bottom line for mining crypto on phone is that there is no easy way to mine crypto on your phone. As a matter of fact such applications are also banned on Playstore & Appstore.

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