Crypto currency in Pakistan

Get Started with Pakcoin: Pakistan’s Very Own Crypto Currency

Pakistan’s very own crypto currency, Pakcoin, has gotten off to an exciting start since its launch just last month. The success of Pakcoin so far... Details
Crypto currency in Pakistan

Pakistan Becomes Latest Country to Embrace Crypto Currency

One of the world’s most popular digital currencies, Bitcoin, has now been embraced by another country. With the news that Pakistan will be allowing the... Details
india crypto currency

Is India the New King of Crypto? Second Biggest Market Yet

Most people associate cryptocurrency with the USA, where it all began and the dollar is the de facto national currency. The truth is that it’s... Details
Binance BNB Hack

Crypto Hack: Bankman-Fried Tries to Fix Billionaire’s Hacking Problem

Billionaire and crypto genius, Bankman-Fried has announced that he is working to fix the cryptocurrency hacking epidemic. This epidemic seems to be increasing in the... Details

Crypto Crash vs. Crypto Correction: What’s the Difference?

The crypto market has taken a major hit over the last month, but it's important to recognize that this doesn't signal an end to the... Details

The Worst Month Yet for Crypto Hacks

Since crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum began to be used more frequently in the last few years, there has been an increasing amount of... Details
Coinbase Launches Crypto Exchange in Singapore

Coinbase Launches Crypto Exchange in Singapore

How to buy Bitcoin in Singapore? Coinbase launches its crypto exchange platform in Singapore to make it easier than ever for South East Asia-based investors... Details
India first cryptocurrency GanderCoin

Introducing GanderCoin: India’s First Crypto Currency

India’s First Crypto Currency – GanderCoin is Here. You can now Buy, Sell, Exchange your Crypto Currencies like Bitcoins, Ethereum with GanderCoin in India. All... Details
blackrock taking over crypto

BlackRock to Take Over Cryptocurrency with Bitcoin Private Trust

One of the biggest names in the global finance sector, BlackRock, has recently filed with the SEC to open up a private trust. This will... Details

Why Does the Crypto Crash? Potential Reasons

A cryptocurrency crash isn’t surprising news to anyone who has been following the industry. After all, 2017 was an especially rough year for crypto prices... Details
Most Crypto Friendly Country

USA – The Most Crypto Friendly Country

You might have heard of the United States, otherwise known as the Land of the Free. There’s another more fitting name given to this country?... Details
Risk of Cryptocurrency

Is Crypto Currency a Risky Investment?

Is it worth putting your money into cryptocurrency? There’s no denying the appeal of crypto currency. Crypto currency has been increasing over the past several... Details