How TikTokers Are Earning 100$ Per Day

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Have you heard about tiktok or tiktokers? TikTok is one of the most popular and fastly growing video sharing app on playstore. If you are a teen age its rare that you haven’t heard about it. In 2018, it was ranked no.1 application in Apple App Store and got 660 million downloads that year. Zhang Yiming who was a software engineer is the creator of TikTok app now has net worth of $16.2 billion.

In this app creators can create videos, add music and post them. People with million of followers have become tiktok stars overnight.

Do these creators are really making money?

  • Charli D’Amelio is a 15 year old tiktoker living in US is earning $48000 per post. She usually post dance and challenge videos.
  • Riyaz Afreen is an Indian guy who is earning $35000 per post. He post lips-syncing and duet videos with his followers.
  • Addison Rae is a 19-years old American tiktoker who is earning $35000 per post. She is a dancer and post dancing videos.

These tiktok stars are earning surprisingly great. How can they earn such amount of money by just posting videos? Well, on Internet earning is totally based your number of audience. If you have some talent and and people like it. Then the whole ground is yours.

If you are thinking Tik Tok application pays them then you are wrong. Tik Tok app doesn’t pay single penny to creators.

Then How Are They Earning Too Much?

Tik Tok doesn’t have one time earning. They are earning through many different ways and amount also varies.

1: Paid Promotions:

Songs Promotion:

The number one and most common way of earning is promoting songs. Music giants like T-Series pay these tiktokers to promote their song lyrics and make videos on it. Tiktok stars are earning more than $5000 per video using this method.

TikTok Promotions:

Some tiktokers with large number of followers earn by promoting small tiktokers. Those who are new to this app pay tiktok stars to promote and collaborate with them. Many tiktoker charge more then $1000 for this type of colaboration.

Products Promotions:

This is also one the most common way of earning on tik tok. Advertisers are looking for high engagements and large reach and tik tok stars have all that stuff. Advertisers pay high profile tiktokers to advertise their product in their videos. Creators use those products in their videos in their own style. People watching tiktok videos, view those products and become interested in them.

Social Media Promotions:

Social media pages like stores on Instagram, Facebook Pages and even websites pay those tiktok stars to promote their pages and accounts. In most cases this method results very effective and engaging audience.

2: Promoting Their Own Business:

Tiktokers are using their audience to bring traffic to their own business. Some tiktokers have youtube channels. They keep on promoting their own channel which in return gives more traffic and hence more money. Some run their own stores and use tiktok audience to increase buyers and reach. Moreover some tiktokers are promoting their own local products like t-shirts with their logo painted on it. This also results in lots of money.

3: Getting Fame:

Film producers and Song producers cast these tiktok stars in their films and songs due to their fan following. This results as a startup for many future stars.

I personally like to watch tiktok videos. But due to cringe content spreading on it day-by-day this platform is lowering its popularity. But still this is the era of tiktok. I always support real content creators and appreciate their hardwork.

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