Mastering Your Brain Memory – With Smart Sleep

Hacking Your Brain Memory Sleep

Imagine you are cramming for next day exam ,learning some dance steps or trying to perfect a new sports. Sleep can be very beneficial for you. In other words, you can become a memory expert by using sleep as your secret weapon. It may sounds funny or creepy but science has proven that it actually works.

Lets us show you how you can control your memory in a smart way.

 1: Sleep before learning:

Its a well-known fact that sleep before leaning is key to learn new things. This is to make your ready to seek new information. Its is same as like a dry sponge which is ready to initially soak up anything. This method has been tested to many different people and proven really effective.

what is side effects of not sleeping well? Most of the cases when you don’t sleep well to much information gathers within the brain circuits. Its is same as if a soil is plant is provided too much water. They call it water logging. As a result brain circuits locked up and it can’t store new traces of information anymore.

2: Sleep after learning:

Sleep after learning is as important as sleep before learning. It provides safe space for those new memories. So, that brain doesn’t lose new information. To understand it correctly we are gonna discus about two different neural structures within our brain.


Hippocampus lies in the left and right side of our brain. This part of brain acts like a inbox of our memory system. It mainly works to receive new information packets and store them.


We must have seen a massive upper tissues of brain. This portion is called as Cortex. Its works as a permanent storage place for information packets. Imagine you are storing data in your USB drive whole day but you must need more storage to store more data. So, you use a hard drive. Brain system works in same way when sleep. Hippocampus receives and store data whole day but when we are asleep. It transfer that data to cortex. Which hold information for long time.

Another example of this is how rat remember its path:

Several years ago, experiment was done. A rat is placed into maze allowing it to search the goal. Scientist was observing memory signatures from rats mind. They observed that rat has started learning maze. Scientist also observed that when rat fall asleep rat’s brain has started to recalling those memory signatures. They called this reply of brain.

Sleep doesn’t just simply strengthen individual memories,sleep will actually cleverly interconnectnew memories together. As a consequence, you can wake up the next day with a revised mind-wide web of associations,we can come up with solutions to previously impenetrable problems. This is probably the reason that you’ve never been told to stay awake on a problem. Instead, you’re told to sleep on a problem, and that’s exactly what the science teaching us. In fact, we’re now learning that sleep is much more intelligent than we ever imagined.

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