Use Mobile Phone Against Earthquake -by Google

Google earthquake alert

Google wants to use mobile devices for earthquake detection and send data to server. Modern mobile devices contains accelerometer, which detects the normal movement of mobile device. The whole system will work in matter of seconds.

Latest mobile devices have capability to detect very little amount of movement. In case of earthquake user will be identified by an alert. Location and condition of area like temperature, weather etc will be sent to data server. It is predicted that user close earthquake can provide more precise data and by calculating all environmental parameters. It will be easier to measure the intensity of earthquake as well.

California is using earthquake detection:

Google itself, collaborated with USGS and Cal OES to send develop an earthquake detection system in California. Whole project is powered by ShakeAlert. ShakeAlert is a EEW (earth early warning system). Its so efficient that some users receive notification alert before wave reach to them. Notification alert aware that earthquake has been started and we must use a cover.

How this system works?

California’s government along with Google installed seismometers in ground which detects shaking and waves. The whole network of seismometers produce information which is then sent to mobile devices.

Similarly, accelarometer in our mobile devices works like a tiny seismometer. This is able to detect waves and shakes. Moreover mobile phones will be provided by an application. This will use AI to detect whether movement is a wave or something else.

What’s more?

Google always try to provide perfect products.How this system will become more efficient?  Well, google has announced a system in which you will be able to search nearby earthquakes. The data collected from all devices will be uploaded to server.Server will help people to find when and where earthquake happens.

When you search “Earthquake near me”. Server will use and all provided data and relevant results will be shown.

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