Without a 2023 update, the iPhone SE risks slipping behind the competition. Unlike Apple’s flagship iPhones and their annual updates, a new iPhone SE model does not appear on a regular basis. We had to wait four years for a successor to the first iPhone SE, which launched in 2016. The current model, the iPhone SE 2022, was released just two years later, with Apple presumably hastening its release in order to introduce a 5G version of its affordable phone.

The wait for an iPhone SE 4 may be cut in half. According to current rumours, Apple is working on a new version of the phone, with an expected release date of spring 2023.

The iPhone SE Appears to Be Out of Date

Even if the iPhone SE didn’t have to worry about low-cost Android phones stealing its thunder — and you might argue that Apple doesn’t need to worry about what Android phone makers are doing – you’d have to admit that the current SE lacks a cutting-edge design.

The latest model is inspired by the iPhone 8, a phone that was last new and fresh five years ago. That means that instead of an edge-to-edge display like the current iPhone flagships, the iPhone SE has thick bezels, especially below the screen, allowing the iPhone SE to include a mostly defunct Touch ID button.

At the very least, we have excellent news on that front. According to iPhone SE 4 speculations, Apple will replace the existing iPhone 8-like design with something more evocative of the iPhone 11. That is unquestionably a step in the right direction, and it is one that Apple should take right now.

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The SE Lacks Important iPhone Functionality

We understand that a lower-cost iPhone will need certain concessions. Perhaps Apple will continue with an LCD panel rather than an OLED screen, and we’d guess that extra camera lenses beyond the single 12MP sensor on the back of the current SE are out of the question if Apple wants to keep prices low on this phone. However, we can’t think of any reason why the iPhone SE should continue to lack a night mode.

There is no technological reason for the iPhone SE’s absence of low-light picture capabilities. The phone has a single rear camera, but it also has a pretty contemporary CPU, the A15 Bionic. That should be plenty for the post-processing required to bring out colour and details in night images.

Users with the iPhone 2020 May Be Ready to Update

People used to change phones every two years, but that was back in the early days of smartphones, when there were more advancements from one year to the next and phone providers in the United States were ready to subsidise the cost of your device. People are holding on to their phones for longer — sometimes three years, sometimes more — as phone prices have risen and the rate of new features has slowed.

The Market for Midrange Phones Is More Competitive Than Ever

Apple may have been willing to release new versions of its low-cost phone every two years or so, but competing gadget makers aren’t. Since 2019, Google has produced new Pixel A series phones every year, and Samsung has given annual revisions to its midrange Galaxy A line-up.

Even more importantly, these phones are excellent. I previously stated that 2022 will be a good year for midrange phones, including the current iPhone SE. However, as wonderful as that phone is, it is not the greatest low-cost phone. The Pixel 6a takes the top spot, but the Galaxy A53 isn’t far behind.

This raises a problem for Apple. Google and Samsung are almost certainly working on Pixel 6a and Galaxy A53 successors. Unless Apple responds with an even newer iPhone SE, it risks slipping farther behind whatever its competitors release between the iPhone SE 2022 and whenever the next inexpensive Apple phone emerges.

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Prospects for the iPhone SE 4

It’s unknown when the next SE version will be released, with at least one expert referring to 2024 as a likely date. If this is the case, Apple has made a mistake. With a sizable portion of consumers unwilling to pay flagship rates for phones, gadget manufacturers are becoming more creative with their midrange models. If Apple waits too long for a replacement to the iPhone SE, it risks being locked out of this lucrative market.

It’s uncertain what Apple’s next phone will be called – iPhone SE 4, iPhone SE 2023, or perhaps iPhone SE Plus. Whatever it’s called, it’s a gadget that has to be released sooner rather than later.