Top 4 Video Ideas To Get Viral on TikTok

Tik tok video ideas

Tiktok is the most fastly growing social media app on playstore. If you haven’t heard about it,Bro! you are far away from the world of internet.

In case you are a tiktoker, posting videos regularly but still doesn’t getting less engagements then your exceptions. Then this article is absolutely made for you. In the article bellow we going to talk about most common and most attractive topic ideas which are being used by high profile tiktokers. People are attracted to such type of videos, download them and share them as well.

I am observing “Trending” and “For You” page from last week. Moreover last week I have joined some facebook and whatsapp groups where popular tiktok videos are being shared. So, this article and these ideas is based on my own experience and i am sure this will help you a lot.

So, lets move on to our ideas!

1: Tiktok Transition Videos:

Transition videos are introduced on tiktok in recent days. Transitions are of many different types:

  • Cloth Transitions
  • Place Transitions
  • Story Type Transitions

These are just names. Its up to you how you use your camera and create thousands of different types of transitions. Matter is that transition videos are much likely to get viral. If your skills with camera movement is well enough to create a smooth and seamless animation then court is all yours.

You can transition video ideas either from other videos of other creators or make a new one. Such type of videos can reach millions of likes if done well.

@romaisa.khan._After ages bethe bethe transition video♬ Hips Dont Lie by Shakira – goalsounds


2: Couple Videos:

Another hot topic for a tiktok video is collaboration as a couple. This is helpful for both male and female tiktoker. Couple videos are getting million of views overnight. Such videos are highly shareable and attract people attention to themself. Male tiktoker collaborate with high profile female tiktokers and get views from both side. This is a very clever way of getting more engagements. This can be a

  • Romantic Video
  • Fighting video
  • Funny Video
  • Breakup Video
  • Showing Love At First Sight
  • Showing Care For Your Partner
  • Daily Life Video
  • Motivational Video

and many more. Topic can be anything but niche must be same.

@dr.madihakhanpromo any wala ha dekhna mat bholiega 🔥 @hussaintareen 🎧 ##foryou insta id : dr.madihakhan♬ original sound – dr.madihakhan

3: Transformation Videos:

Many tiktokers use emotions of audience to get more engagements. Transformation videos are becoming more and more popular since recent weeks. In these videos, first a person shows him or herself ugly and poor, then suddenly transform him or her personality to rich and good looking. This looks so entertaining and attractive. In start its like Oh WTF! i don’t want to see this person and just in a second emotions change and peron starts looking attractive and rich.

@danielbochkovAyee ##fyp ##foryou ##transformation insta:danielbochkov♬ Float on the Sound (Ey) – Tiagz

4: Tiktok Challenge Videos:

Another way to get people attraction is to do something creative and challenge other tiktokers for it. Its a very unique way to get views and likes. Also it results in gradual increase in followers.

There are many different types of challenges:

  • Bottle through challenge
  • Rubber Band  challenge
  • Dance Challenge

etc. But you can start a new challenge. Other tiktokers will complete your challenge and hence more engagements.


♬ #PlankChallenge – chisa2122

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